Patrick Hughes


‘My wife and I met Connor Broadley in their early days, a recommendation from our accountants. Our previous financial advisors were adequate but corporate, they did not understand our individual needs and variable circumstances.

We are so pleased to have seen our investments and pensions grow so fully in the hands of Connor Broadley. How carefully and thoughtfully they have developed in personnel and presentation. The updates, information and insights they provide into the world of finance — a foreign country to us — are comforting and revealing, helping us understand what we are doing and what they are doing on our behalf.’

Life Line

1939 – Born in Birmingham to Peter and Florence, who work in M&S

1950 – Admitted to Hull Grammar School

1957 – At age 18, leaves home, never to return

1958 – Marries Rennie Paterson, they have three sons

1959 – Studies in Leeds for 2 years to be a teacher

1961 – First one-man exhibition in London at Portal Gallery

1964 – Appointed Senior Lecturer at Leeds College of Art

1987 – Marries Dr. Di Atkinson, historian and biographer

1992 – Concentrates all his art on Reverspectives, his invention

2014 – Publishes Paradoxymoron, his magnum opus

2018 – Publishes A Newer Perspective

Today, the Reverspective studio in Shoreditch continues to flourish with 12 assistants, exhibiting in the USA, UK, Europe and the Far East.