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Client testimonials

We know that financial firms often sound the same. We also believe that humility is a virtue. So, we asked our clients to talk about their lives and their experiences of Connor Broadley, rather than us describing them on their behalf. We would welcome the opportunity to play a part in your life. Guiding you towards a secure future through a closer understanding of your long-term financial needs.

Alicja Lesniak


Michael Baulk


"Our journey feels like a joint one, our relationship both educational and enjoyable, and my trust remains undimmed."

James Watson KC


Fergus Henderson OBE


"Connor Broadley are good eggs… gull’s eggs."

Vanella Jackson

Market Research

Adam Jones


Patrick Hughes


Alfredo Marcantonio


"The glorious thing about Connor Broadley is that they deliver handsomely, without fault, in terms of both performance and ‘bedside manner."

Lindsay Pattison


"When I think of Connor Broadley, I think of safety, security, and professionalism, which gives me a sense of calm."