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Wealth planning


First, we do the boring, but important groundwork for you: retrieving and marshalling information from multiple sources and moulding it

into a comprehensive but comprehensible overview.

Then collaboratively we produce your personal financial model.

We consider your current circumstances and how they are likely to develop, culminating in a strategy designed to fulfil your ambitions.

With this in place, we are able to provide honest, informed, expert advice about the options available to you. Guiding you on your way and staying by your side, to make sure you are not caught out by changes in life, or financial legislation.

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“It is the brilliant relationship I enjoy with Connor Broadley, and the open conversations we have, which has built my trust over the years, giving me complete confidence in the safety of my family’s financial future.”

Vanella Jackson

Market research


All of this takes time and trust. In equal measure. We are here to lighten that load. And to ensure

you focus your time where it is needed.

But nobody should share their most intimate personal and financial details with someone unless they trust them implicitly.

This sort of trust is rooted in a close and personal relationship. Which is why our meetings are open-ended, and never ‘on the clock’.

Furthermore, our belief in relationships means we deliberately keep a low cap on the number of clients our planners look after, meaning they have the time to manage and anticipate your financial needs properly.

We hope the relationship will be for the long term, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait to feel its benefits.

The peace of mind it brings starts from day one.

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As an ongoing wealth planning client, you also have access to other services including:

Alternative investing opportunities, with direct access

to AIM and venture investing (EIS and VCT)
Inclusive legal and tax planning days via third parties
Access to property search and international mortgage arrangement

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