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Legal and Regulatory

Section 172 (1) statement

The directors of the company have a duty under section 172 of the UK Companies Act 2006 to act in a way they consider, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the company’s success for the benefit of its members as a whole, and to have regard to the long-term effect of their decisions on the company and its stakeholders. This statement summarises how the directors fulfil their duties.

Since its founding in 2007, Connor Broadley has been an independent owner-managed company of which the directors are also shareholders. The directors are therefore well placed to consider the interests of the company’s members in the decisions that they make. The directors liaise regularly with all shareholders to ensure that they act fairly as between them.

As demonstrated by the directors’ approval of the company’s long-term business plan, and the significant projects delivered in the year in support of the company’s strategic objectives, careful consideration is given to the likely consequences of any decisions in the long-term. 

The company believes in the power of long-term relationships with its stakeholders, and the fundamental importance of reputation in forming and maintaining those relationships. As a CII corporate chartered firm, the company’s core values include a commitment to the CII’s code of ethics and to observing the highest standards of professional conduct when carrying out its activities.

The company considers the interests of its stakeholders when making decisions engaging with them both formally and informally as summarised below:


Our people

The directors recognise that the long-term success of the company is linked to its ability to attract and retain a highly skilled, professional, and motivated team of people. Engaging with employees is key to achieving this.

Employees are encouraged to share their opinions on the company’s activities and their views are a key input to both day to day operations and longer-term business planning. Forums for this include regular all staff events, team meetings and one to one meetings with managers.

The company is committed to the ongoing personal and professional development of its people. Each member of the team has a personal development plan, career progression is supported, and internal promotion encouraged.

The company’s pay and benefits structure is designed to ensure that total reward packages align with individuals’ development, performance and are attractive when compared to the wider marketplace. A deferred compensation scheme is in place which is designed to retain and reward employees over the long-term.


Our clients and suppliers 

The company believes in fostering lasting relationships with its clients, suppliers and other parties that it works closely with.

As a regulated firm, the company complies with the FCA’s principles for businesses, this includes the requirement to pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly. Consideration of the interests of the company’s clients is built into its business processes and decision making at all levels with formal oversight by the compliance function. Clients’ opinions and feedback is regularly sought and these form key inputs to the company’s continuous improvement activities.

When working with suppliers and other third parties, the company seeks to build long term relationships with organisations that are aligned with its culture, core values, and commitment to service quality. Before engaging a new supplier, due diligence is completed and a member of the team is allocated responsibility for managing and developing the relationship. The company is committed to dealing openly, honestly and fairly in its interactions with suppliers.


Community and environment

The company encourages its employees to be active in their local communities, for example by supporting their involvement in community action groups and volunteer organisations. The company also supports the team’s participation in charitable events such as the Crisis square mile run and Nordoff Robbins football tournament. Through its work experience and internship programmes the company has offered opportunities for young people to obtain an insight into a career in the financial services industry.

The company behaves responsibly and seeks to limit its impact on the environment, examples of this include embracing the use of technology to reduce printing and paper usage, providing filtered water in the office to reduce plastic waste, recycling, utilising energy efficient lighting, and promoting environmentally friendly commuting. Through its progressive investment proposition, the company has a track record in offering socially responsible investment options to its clients.

In September 2020, the company became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, under which businesses commit to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN goals.