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Investment management


Our in-house discretionary investment management service complements our wealth planning advice, targeting a long-term return above inflation. All, according to

your particular strategy. Understanding your strategy is vitally important, but we don’t believe an investment manager’s responsibilities end there.

History shows how important it is to consider the prevailing investment climate. Knowing when to take on risk. And when to hold back. We have a disciplined investment process, expressed through a traffic light system that guides us and ensures you clearly understand what we are thinking. And why.

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“We are so pleased to have seen our investments and pensions grow so fully in the hands of Connor Broadley.”

Patrick Hughes



We have only one goal, to do the best we can for you. Hence, we are tied to no-one, ensuring we have access to all available funds when building your portfolio. Our aim is simply to provide the best performance at the lowest cost, and our approach blends passive and active investments to this end.


As a client, you will have a dedicated investment manager. Not a relationship manager, but a key member of the

investment team making the decisions, providing first-hand insight into our thinking. You will also have a named account manager to help with day-to-day administration. This is because we believe that all our clients, irrespective of size, should benefit from the best we offer.

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