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  • Alicja Lesniak


    ‘Connor Broadley really listen, and completely understand me. They provide original thinking and I trust them entirely to steer me

    through the carefully considered financial strategy we have created together.’

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  • 1951

    Born in Poland

  • 1954

    Arrives in the UK at age of 3. Family initially in Daglingworth transit camp in Gloucester, before moving to Cirencester, but father goes to Scotland

  • 1963

    Ribston Hall Grammar School, having attained one of the highest 11+ marks in the UK

  • 1972

    Leaves Imperial College, London with a maths degree and joins Arthur Andersen to become a Chartered Accountant

  • 1975

    Joins Warner Brothers Record Company as Finance Director

  • 1979

    Returns to Arthur Andersen as Managing Partner

  • 1987

    Enters advertising, running WPP’s Europe office

  • Retirement

    Joins BBDO and stays until 2006, 4 years after ‘retirement’

  • 2007

    Joins AEGIS as CFO

  • 2009

    Leaves AEGIS to pursue a plural career, to include board positions at Channel 4, SThree, Tullow Oil, BSI and Next15

  • 2013

    Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

  • Nowadays, Alicja is looking forward to being ‘a lady of leisure’, learning Polish, attending lectures, and indulging her love of London, especially museums and the theatre.

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