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  • Vanella Jackson

    Market Research

    ‘Financial wizards can make things sound complicated, and you feel small. Connor Broadley really know their stuff, but their approach

    is accessible and empathetic. If I change my mind, I don’t feel judged; it is just what people do. I love that.

    The most important thing is trust. It is the brilliant relationship I enjoy with Connor Broadley, and the open conversations we have, which has built my trust over the years, giving me complete confidence in the safety of my family’s financial future.’

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  • 1961

    Born in London, with two birthdays, actual and ‘official’, due to having been conceived prior to parents’ marriage

  • 1981

    Starts in advertising, first with Hedger Mitchell Stark, then Young & Rubicam

  • 1984

    Joins start-up agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, meeting future husband Andrew there

  • 1988

    First business venture: Spanner, a freelance advertising planning firm

  • 1991

    Loses mother to cancer

  • 1992

    Embarks on world tour (36 countries), interviewing the world’s oldest people with Andrew. A medical emergency in Caracas is nearly fatal

  • 1993

    Continues career in advertising with J Walter Thompson, before becoming Head of Planning at Bates UK

  • 1995

    First daughter born, confounding medical opinion…followed by a second, two years later

  • 2004

    First executive role: European CEO of Hall & Partners

  • 2008

    Global CEO

  • Vanella remains Global CEO of Hall & Partners, and, as former Chair of the Market Research Society, a leading industry figure. She is also active in the charity sector, most recently with MHA (care for the elderly), and plans more non-executive roles — whilst always finding time for family, and her passion for travel, painting and swimming.

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