Alexandria Marquis | Connor Broadley
  • Alexandria

    Head of Compliance

  • 1990

    Born to John (Joe) and Jane, a younger brother follows two years later

  • 2004

    Aged 14, work experience at a local financial planning firm (Financial Connection) kindles an interest in personal finance, and continues to work part-time throughout academic studies

  • 2008

    Meets Michael, shortly before leaving home to study Business Economics at the University of Reading

  • 2011

    Graduates from Reading and, after seven years as a part-time employee, joins Financial Connection full-time

  • 2014

    Joins Connor Broadley, and marries Michael, a winter wedding in Brighton

  • 2015

    Buys first home

  • 2016

    Promoted to head of financial planning administration

  • 2017

    Promoted to Compliance Manager

  • 2019

    Passes CISI Diploma in investment compliance

  • 2020

    Promoted to Head of Compliance