Aleah Townsend | Connor Broadley
  • Aleah

    Head of Account Management

  • 1996

    Born to Charles and Maria, with two older brothers

  • 2010

    Played rugby for Hertfordshire County and Hertford rugby

  • 2011

    Adopted first family dog, Buddy

  • 2013

    Worked at a local coffee shop called Nosh, as a barista

  • 2014

    Following a nasty rugby injury and damage to a LCL knee ligament, gave up rugby and found a love for netball, playing for 3 different teams

  • 2014

    After a year in sixth form, left to start an apprenticeship in business administration with an IFA, Lyndhurst Financial, interest in financial services began to blossom

  • 2015

    After completing an apprenticeship, went on to join a national financial services company Succession Group in Hertford

  • 2016

    Joined Connor Broadley as an Account Manager, first job in London

  • 2019

    Promoted to Senior Account Manager

  • 2020

    Promoted to Head of Financial Planning Account Management

  • 2021

    Purchased first apartment in Stevenage and moved out from family home

  • 2022

    Promoted to Head of Account Management