Investigating pension pots | Connor Broadley

News & Insights | 15th November 2020

Investigating pension pots

By Rachel Rickard Straus

Wealth Planning

10 Min Read

Put the kettle on and prepare for a potentially lucrative read. If you’ve lost track of your pension pots, you could unearth a forgotten fortune.

If you know the value of all your pension pots and are confident that you haven’t lost track of one over the years, you’re doing better than most people. In fact, you are doing better than an estimated 1.6m Britons.

This article looks at a few key things to help you to set up your own pensions dashboard, and covers topics such as: state pension valuations, how to track down your old workplace pensions, updating your contact details, reviewing your pensions together, consolidating pensions and finally that eternal question, ‘am I saving enough?’

One of our financial planners, Angela Lloyd-Read, was asked for her thoughts on the idea of consolidating pension pots: ‘Consolidating your pensions could save you money as some providers may reduce charges when pension savings reach a certain level. Moving from a more expensive provider to a cheaper one could save a lot of money over the many years a pension will be invested for.’

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