On-demand webinar: Can I shake your hand? | Connor Broadley

News & Insights | 13th January 2021

On-demand webinar: Can I shake your hand?

By Connor Broadley


58 Min Watch

With the latest government lockdown in place, our virtual event tackled three of the key things affecting us all in 2021 – vaccines and the medical response to Covid, our mental health and resilience in the face of home-working and the lockdown, and how politics and the economy may be shaped by these, and vice-versa.

Our guest speakers were Lord Daniel Finkelstein (political journalist, editor and former adviser to Prime Ministers), Dr Charlie Weller (Head of Vaccines for The Wellcome Trust) and Dr Bill Mitchell (author and clinical psychologist). Our Chair for the event was Merope Mills (Editor for Tortoise Media and previously award-winning editor for The Guardian Weekend magazine and Saturday edition.

We hope that you enjoy the discussion. Please click below.