A carbon neutral company | Connor Broadley

Company NEWS | 9th November 2023

A carbon neutral company

By Connor Broadley


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We’re pleased to announce that we have just completed the verification stage of our carbon emission reporting for our 2022/23 financial year and our company carbon neutral status is confirmed for another year.

We reduced our overall emissions to 28.06 tonnes (CO2e), down from 31.7 in 2021/23, and this was in spite of the bar being raised by us adding water use and waste disposal to our ‘scope 3’ emissions calculations. Reporting this lower year on year figure means we also qualify for ‘CO2e Reduced Organisation’ status. Our purchased carbon credits were split across tree planting in the South East of the UK and global community projects.

As part of the above and of our ongoing CSR responsibility, we continue to use energy that comes from 100% renewable sources and conduct regular recycling audits of all office supplies and practices. This includes efforts to reduce paper usage, but where do have to, we only buy recycled FSC accredited paper stock.



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