Best Places To Work awards 2024 | 'Where bosses succeed' | Connor Broadley

News & Insights | 22nd May 2024

Best Places To Work awards 2024 | ‘Where bosses succeed’

By Connor Broadley


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Behind Campaign‘s Best Places To Work awards is a robust employee survey managed by Workforce Research Group. It covers 72 statements from “I believe the amount of paid off time is adequate”, to “I like this organisation’s healthcare scheme and options”.

One recurring theme across the findings is that the smaller the business, the more likely its results will be positive compared to larger companies. Size it seems really does matter. Campaign asked for some points of view on this, including from our own Charlie Pitt. Charlie said, “The challenge for larger companies isn’t really a new one. As any successful business grows, it’s hard not to dilute the culture and values that made it a success in the first place. Teams get bigger, the founders often move away from the day-to-day, or external shareholders focus on the numbers perhaps and not the staff.

“Big or small though, companies should always put people at the heart of everything they do. Bigger companies just have to do that little bit more listening and communicating to ensure that they too are providing their teams with everything they need to be engaged, happy and motivated – be that through flexible employee benefits, training or wellbeing support.”

It’s interesting to see where bosses succeed and on occasion where they don’t.

To read Campaign‘s article ‘Employees pinpoint where their bosses succeed’, please click here (a subscription may be necessary to view): Best Places To Work 2024 – Where bosses succeed