Ensuring employee wellbeing as we return to the office | Connor Broadley

News & Insights | 2nd November 2021

Ensuring employee wellbeing as we return to the office

By Connor Broadley


36 Min Watch

With the continued easing of lockdown in the UK, businesses are now looking at their long-term ‘return to the office’ plans. For over a year, employees have dispelled the myth that working from home negatively impacts your productivity. In fact, many have found working from home has really benefited them. But what happens now? How do businesses navigate returning to the office, reintroducing a face-to-face company culture, whilst implementing some of the positive learnings from 2020?

Last month, our benefits consulting team were joined by Dr. Bill Mitchell Consultant Clinical Psychologist, who specialises in work-related psychological issues, he spoke about the impact homeworking has had on employees, and what employers should consider to ensure a smooth return to work.

Watch the video below to see the full webinar.