Belonging at work: Sanctus webinar on demand | Connor Broadley

News & Insights | 6th July 2022

Belonging at work: Sanctus webinar on demand

By Connor Broadley

Employee Wellbeing

2 Min Read


We know businesses that foster a sense of belonging are more effective at not only attracting and retaining talent, but keeping their people engaged, productive, and happy too.

But what does a people-first culture really look like? How do you build one, and nurture it, particularly during times of great change and challenge?

As friends of Sanctus – the workplace wellbeing community & coaching organisation – we’re proud to share a very special webinar for HR & People leaders. Belonging At Work: Creating A Culture People Won’t Want To Leave And Can’t Wait To Join.

Over 60 minutes, we hear from the world’s first Chief Heart Officer – VaynerMedia’s Claude Silver – about how they’ve successfully embedded a genuine sense of belonging into their culture.

Hosted by Sanctus Co-Founder George Bettany and Chief Coaching Practice Officer Dr. Albert Viljoen, we also go on a deep dive into the psychological and organisational implications of building a workplace centred around belonging.


Here’s what we covered:

  • Belonging is a fundamental human need – We experience social exclusion in the same areas of the brain as physical pain, and when we feel ostracised at work it can lead to job dissatisfaction and a number of negative mental and physical health issues
  • Humanity is a superpower – Creating psychological safety and eliminating fear in the workplace makes heroes out of managers who are prepared to lead from the front and take the necessary steps to create a culture where everyone feels safe, supported, and valued
  • Individual and collective identities – How do we create communities of belonging without compromising on individual authenticity? True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are, it only requires you to be who you are; cohesion is the goal, not conformity
  • Claude’s roadmap for empathetic leadership – Welcoming challenges, using your voice, and being guided by kindness: Claude shares her experiences building belonging into the workplace and becoming the world’s first Chief Heart Officer tasked with being there for all 1,600+ VaynerMedia employees


“I honestly think that was one of the best webinars I have attended on the topic of belonging. Really appreciate Dr Albert and Claude sharing their experiences so openly and I’m leaving with a lot of tangible tools and advice I can go away and implement within my organisation. Thank you!”


“Claude was an inspirational talker. I loved hearing about her leadership and empathy. It’s always refreshing to hear someone at the top of their role leading by example.”


Watch the full recording on demand, here