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Ethical investing pension assessment  

Named ‘Campaign Independent advertising of the year’ in 2020, Mother works with brands like KFC, IKEA, Samsung, Uber Eats and Greenpeace. 

The team’s ‘holy trinity’ (it’s driving principles) are to do the best work possible, have fun, and make a living.  

Mother understands that its benefits package plays a huge part in its industry-bucking employee retention figures: staff turnover is around 5%, compared to the advertising industry average of 30%.

Mother was keen to ensure that their company pension scheme aligned with their sustainable values. So, we got to work analysing the sustainable investment integration within their current pension scheme, as well as presenting alternative pension fund options which incorporated these investments, excluding industries like fossil fuels, deforestation, gambling, tobacco and arms.

The company’s CFO, Rollo Price, said: Our biggest concerns were around performance and tariffs,” he says. “I was under the illusion that traditional funds outweighed responsible funds on performance – so we asked the employee benefits team at Connor Broadley to look into it for us.”  “Connor Broadley came back with a simple presentation which explained, in real terms, how these funds have performed historically”

Our work helped Mother make an informed decision, and the company’s default pension fund is now a fully sustainable one that employees can opt out of if desired. 

Although retirement saving is a topic that generally fails to inspire, Mother believes the move will help to increase employee engagement with pensions.