Connor Broadley is an independent, owner-managed company based in Mayfair, specialising in wealth management for private clients, and employee benefit consultancy for corporates.

Connor Broadley’s approach to wealth management is unusual in that it places equal emphasis on high quality financial planning advice and investment management expertise. This is because, in our experience, financial success requires good planning, a clear strategy, and excellent investment execution, with each informing the other. Our conviction in the importance of knowing our clients, and commitment to their individual holistic financial success, means we don’t provide investment management to others on a wholesale or third-party basis.


“The glorious thing about Connor Broadley is that they deliver handsomely, without fault, in terms of both performance and ‘bedside manner'.”



Our team of employee benefit consultants advises companies, big and small, on how to devise, source, implement and maintain the right benefit programs for them, and communicate them effectively. As with wealth management, it is our service which defines us.

Across our business, the ethos boils down to this: our clients should love us. We believe in personable, diligent, attentive one-to-one service and excellent communication. From this flows trust, and from trust, long-term relationships, to everyone’s benefit.

Our client base is diverse, but the creative industries are well represented amongst both private individuals and corporates. This burgeoning sector, which is increasingly recognised for its contribution to the UK economy, brings a vibrancy of its own to our business.

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