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17th April 2018 / CNBC

European Banking System, the US dollar

The European Banking System and the impact of bad debt on balance sheets , and the potential of the US dollar.

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17th April 2018 / CNBC

Netflix, technology valutions and sectoral assumptions  

Chris Wyllie’s thoughts about current valuations including Netflix and its possible growth potential. The topic of technology valuations then moves to the value plays of mature businesses and the difficulties of making sectoral assumptions.  – Watch Here

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15th March 2018 / Bloomberg

Russia, Rubles, China and Trump

How President Trump's trade policy is influencing our investment traffic lights, the effect of oil on the Russian ruble, and the potential implications of the Chinese debt mountain.

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19th February 2018 / Professional Adviser

Meet the Investment Influencers

Chris Wyllie, Connor Broadley's Chief Investment Officer, speaks to Professional Adviser as part of their 'Meet the Investment Influencers' interview series. – Watch Here


28th December 2017 / CNBC

Politics and Markets

Will calmer politics be good for stock markets, or are investors too bullish already?

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28th December 2017 / CNBC

Prospects for 2018

How markets are likely to perform early in 2018 and what could lie around the corner to trip them up, including where next for interest rates and the dollar.

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28th December 2017 / CNBC

Wages and interest rates

Who will really benefit from US tax cuts? Are wages, and inflation, finally going to pick up in the UK and elsewhere? And is Airbus’s “superjumbo” a white elephant?

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18th December 2017 / Bloomberg

US tax reform, and Brexit update

What US tax reform means for markets. Is the bull run in stocks attributable to President Trump? And what does the state of the pound tell us about Brexit?

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7th September 2017 / CNBC

"Gone with the Wind": the importance of inflation to long term investment

What history’s biggest grossing movie owes to inflation, and why beating inflation is as important today as it ever was.

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13th June 2017 / Bloomberg

UK election fallout

How the election result spells the end of austerity, and why the pound might rise against the dollar.

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24th April 2017 / Bloomberg

Why we're buying Europe

The polls are right, and political risk in Europe is overstated, creating a buying opportunity for investors – Watch Here

9th March 2017 / CNBC

Prospects for 2017

Why markets may continue to rise despite valuation concerns, and Emerging Markets are the place to be – Watch Here