Join a webinar with Sanctus: Belonging at work | Connor Broadley

INDUSTRY NEWS | 16th June 2022

Join a webinar with Sanctus: Belonging at work

By Connor Broadley

Employee Wellbeing

2 Min Read

As friends of Sanctus (the workplace wellbeing community & coaching organisation) we are excited to invite you to their upcoming webinars for HR & People leaders: Belonging at work: creating a culture people won’t want to leave and can’t wait to join.


Like Sanctus we know the businesses that foster a sense of belonging are more effective at not only attracting and retaining talent, but keeping their people engaged, productive, and happy.


But what does a people-first culture really look like? How do you build one, and nurture it, particularly during times of change & challenge?


In this 60 minute webinar, we’ll hear from the world’s first Chief Heart Officer – Claude Silver, from VaynerMedia (Adweek’s breakthrough agency of the year) about how they’ve successfully embedded a genuine sense of belonging into their culture.


Hosted by Sanctus Co-Founder, George Bettany, and Chief Coaching Practice Officer, Dr. Albert Viljoen, who will speak about the psychology and organisational implications of building a workplace centred around belonging. The session will end on a round of Q&A between audience, guest, and hosts.


Join this Sanctus webinar on 21st June at 2.00pm for 60 minutes that could radically change how you see company culture.


  • People-first businesses – what it takes to place employees at the heart of culture, strategy, and decision making
  • The psychology of belonging – why it’s so important employees feel like they belong if they’re to be empowered to do their best work
  • VaynerMedia’s story – how Adweek’s breakthrough agency of the year successfully embedded a strong sense of belonging into their culture
  • Connecting heart with hustle – staying true to people-first values during periods of change and high growth


Register for the webinar, here.